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Marsha Speck, Ed.D. is a leader in transformational school reform, educational leadership and professional development issues. She is currently Clinical Professor of Educational Leadership at Arizona State University and Coordinator of the MEd High School Leadership Program, an innovative MEd Leadership and Principal Certification program that brings together regional school district teacher leaders and administrators to develop transformational educational leaders to rethink the American High School around issues of equity and student achievement. Formerly, she was the Director of the San Jose State University MA Urban High School Leadership Program (1998-2007). She has diverse experience as a teacher, a high school principal, an assistant superintendent of instruction, a professor, and an author of Why Can't We Get Right? Designing High-Quality Professional Development for Standards-Based Schools, The Principal as Professional Development Leaders, The Principalship: Building a Learning Community, and Year-Round Education: The High School Handbook and numerous articles and reports. She can be reached at or

Research Interests

High School Reform and Transformation, Educational Leadership

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