Madison Community Design Lab

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Design Challenge

How might the district’s leadership team become more innovative in their approach to problem-solving?


Madison Elementary School District


MLFTC is leading workshops on the design process for Madison’s Administrative Leadership Team every month during the 2017-18 school year, as part of their regular professional development series. Led by superintendent Dr. Quinn Kellis, this collegial group of school and district leaders is eager to build innovative practices and approaches to teaching and learning into their district.


Over the first sessions, the team came up with five challenges that the district faces and formed design teams to focus on each of these challenge areas:

  • Improving the student experience

  • Creating a culture of innovation

  • Improving the perception of public education

  • Creating active learning environments

  • Improving teacher retention

The workshop series guides the design teams through a process to understand the context and stakeholders, define the problem, ideate and prototype solutions, and test them to gather feedback.

Madison Meadows Middle School Workshop Series: Developing a Professional Community of Practice

Madison Meadows Middle School is opening a new wing of the school in January 2018 with glass-walled classrooms and new collaborative spaces. OofSI is working with the school’s faculty to support ways of teaching that will maximize this new space.

This series of workshops aimed to create a unified, transformative, compelling, aesthetic experience for teachers grounded in the creative uses of technology for teaching and learning in the disciplines.  

At the foundation of this project are these tenets: learning by design, innovative use of technology and the development of learning communities. Throughout this workshop series, participants are guided through the process creating Novel, Effective and Whole (NEW) experiences, and developing an implementation strategy through backwards design.



Design Challenge: How might the district’s leadership team become more innovative in their approach to problem-solving?

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