Kyrene Community Design Lab

Kyrene Community Design Lab

Design Challenge
How might we design a school of and for the future?
Kyrene Elementary School District
Starting from a shared belief that we must reimagine what school looks like to ensure the success of all students, in the fall of 2017 the OofSI team began a partnership with Kyrene Elementary School District. The goal of this Community Design Lab is to design a new school model that:
Engages students in a dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence and prepares them to be innovators and leaders of tomorrow, and
Deploys educators in new ways by creating new roles and staffing structures which will attract high-quality staff and reinvigorate the teaching profession.


OofSI is working with the district for a year on the design phase of the project, leading a diverse group of stakeholders from the district through a design process to create a plan for what this new school model would look like.
This started with a kick-off session on November 7, 2017 called “Imagine the Possibilities” and is continuing with a core design team--made up of teachers, district and school administrators, parents and community partners--meeting regularly to work on the design of the school. Other members of the school and broader community will engage in the process by being part of the “research network” to contribute input, feedback and diverse perspectives.

Once the design phase is completed, the district plans to devote time to training and preparing for implementation, and envisions rolling out the plan in one of their schools in fall of 2019.



Design Challenge: How might we design a school of and for the future?

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