Information Technology Integration Services (ITIS)

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ITIS Staff

Barnaby Wasson
Chief Technology Officer
(602) 496-0648

Kelly Morris
Director of Technology
(602) 496-0109


Kenneth Anthony
ITIS & PLL Support Services

Rick Baker
Integration Services Manager

Catherine Caliouette
Project Manager
Certified Scrum Master

Mitchell Craver
Project Manager
Certified Scrum Master

Michael Hailey
Video Production

David Herbold
Web Development & Support


Timothy Knuck
Content Development

Veronica Malone
Grant and TK20 Support
Certified Scrum Master

Melissa McGehee
Content Development

Chris Murrell
Web Manager

Jonathan Rivera
TK20 Support
Certified Scrum Master



Information Technology Integration Services
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Arizona State University
541 E Van Buren St, Mercado B1 [map]
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 496-2060
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As an entity within the Teachers College, our mission is the strategic use of technology to further the impact of the college as a constructive force in education. Our promise is to set a new standard in the use of technology for teaching, discovery, and innovation.


Provide high quality, accountable, college-centric service.
Technology and project management enables innovative, accountable and individualized care to all college stakeholders.

Provide a unified and secure infrastructure with integrated processes and services.
Oversee the structure, operations, and support of the infrastructure and dependent functions delivered by the University Technology Office to the college. Meet the core needs of the college in a unified, integrated, and secure fashion. Ensure that any additional core services delivered by approved ASU providers and third party providers complspanent and integrate securely with the services delivered by the university.

Provide timely, efficient, and effective unified information services to students, faculty and staff.
Technology makes it possible to securely capture, visualize, and share information to the core constituents of the college through integrated user dashboards and mobile web applications. Students, faculty and staff can make informed, data-driven decisions. Attract and retain students and faculty. Support development of “classroom-ready” teachers. Nurture and support faculty. Foster a culture of scholarship. Impact the educational community at large.

Provide contexualized, technology-enhanced learning opportunities to students, teachers and staff.
Apply best practices in instructional design to create a collaborative instructional delivery framework, the Professional Learning Library  (PLL). Hosted within this framework, instructional resources, professional development opportunities, and collaborative learning environments that showcase effective use of technology to impact teacher development and student achievement.

Align the technology budget to Teachers College business and operational priorities.
Ensure focus is delivered to the core priorities of the college to maximize impact to all stakeholders.


  • Information projects
  • Technical projects
  • Integration projects
  • Integration support