Teachers College’s groundbreaking iTeachAZ program - the only one of its kind in Arizona - more than doubles the amount of time most future teachers spend in the classroom. This model of teacher preparation provides greater clinical experience through intensive student teaching experiences.

Seniors in the program spend an entire academic school year student teaching in a preK-8 school and district with a mentor teacher. In iTeachAZ, students and their mentor teachers plan and deliver academic content in a variety of formats, including small group, one-to-one, and whole class.

In addition to the student teaching experience, faculty provide student teachers with classes at their school site to better illustrate the practical applications of the course work.

Before entering the iTeachAZ program, teacher candidates take courses designed to coincide with their needs as teachers and strengthen their preparation in the disciplinary understandings that they bring to their teaching. This preparation provides important background for their pedagogy courses and sets the stage for their successful classroom practices.

Students who complete this immersion program are well prepared to take on classrooms of their own.

While most of our programs use the iTeachAZ model for teacher preparation, our iTeachAZ partnership sites also follow the Professional Development School model, in which students take all of their classes and complete all field work within a single school district.