MAXINE GREENE is a professor emeritus and the Founder and Director of the Center for Social Imagination, the Arts and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a past president of the Philosophy of Education Society, the American Educational Studies Association, and the American Educational Research Association. Also a member of the National Academy of Education and the recipient of nine honorary degrees, Greene has lectured widely at universities and educational associations nationwide. An Educator of the Year at Columbia University and Ohio State University, Dr. Greene has authored six books. Her works include: The Public School and the Private Vision, Teacher as Stranger: Educational Philosophy in the Modern Age (awarded the 1974 Delta Gamma Kappa Award for Educational Book of the Year), and The Dialectic of Freedom. Dr. Greene has been at the forefront of educational philosophy for well over half a century.

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Video Interviews with Maxine Greene:

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, with her parents and twin siblings, Dr. Maxine Greene, a self-proclaimed existentialist, is "always becoming." After graduating from Barnard College and New York University, Greene began pursuing additional philosophy courses due to convenient scheduling that allowed her to both attend class and transport her young daughter to school each day. Fascinated by existentialism at a time when other philosophers ascribed to analytic and logical philosophies, Greene developed her interest in literature as an art form. Watch this clip to learn more about Dr. Greene's view of the critical role of schools in communicating to children the excitement of imagination and her lifelong commitment to "wide-awakeness."

A connoisseur of hip hop music and the matriarch of "Maxine's Mafia," Dr. Maxine Greene continues to teach courses on aesthetics for Teachers College, Columbia University and hold "Sunday Salons" to discuss literature all in her living room. Having inspired the creation of the High School of Arts, Imagination and Inquiry in Manhattan, New York, Greene's dedication to experiential learning stems in part from her conviction that education is not based on a business model with results that can be measured. View this clip to learn more about Dr. Greene's ideas for future publications and desire to expose the harmful effects of media on young people.

As a past president of the Philosophy of Education Society, American Educational Studies Association, and American Educational Research Association, Dr. Maxine Greene, the recipient of nine honorary degrees in addition to numerous other awards throughout her career, continuously works to "open up more and more people to the world of teaching." Citing "passion" as her favorite word, Greene admits she would have enjoyed being a playwright or an actress if she were not a philosopher. Tune in to find out which inspirational figures Dr. Greene would take to dinner, hear about her dreams for the afterlife, and take note of her advice to aspiring researchers in the field of education.

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