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Research Opportunity Development and Advancement Forms and Documents

Please contact for an accurate budget template document.

Helpful ASU Resources

ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED): OKED provides outstanding information, documents and tools for advancing research activities. The website includes links to training sessions and learning videos, as well as upcoming opportunities, frequently asked questions and the latest news in the world of research. Search the OKED Proposal Development Glossary of Terms.

Research Academy: The new Research Academy portal is the central research training area for ASU faculty and staff. Previously known as the Faculty Toolbox, the site is dedicated to working with the researcher to improve their skills, from seminars on policies and finding direction to workshops on writing and creating graphics.

Experts.ASU is a searchable online tool featuring researchers from Arizona’s three universities. Experts builds profiles for researchers based on their publications and past research funding. The data are organized by School and Department as well as by Institute and Center. Each researcher’s profile contains a topical profile, a listing of publications, identifies coauthor and institutional networks, and identifies researchers with similar expertise. Searching within the tool “By Concept” allows the users searching for collaborators to find researchers with specific research experience. Use Experts to identify collaborators working in research by topic or to find a specific researcher by name.