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Part of CAST’s mission is to move the conversation about effective teaching forward. We do this in multiple ways: though research and scholarly work that builds new theories and supplements existing ones, and through service and projects that implement
this research and put our insights into practice.

Projects at a glance

Grant funded and donor funded projects form a core part of CAST’s mission to bring research and practice together and to implement the innovative insight that our faculty, staff, and educator teams develop. Below is a snapshot of a few key projects managed
by CAST.

Project Description

PI Name

Sponsoring Agency


Grant Start Date

Grant End Date

Integrating STEM Literacy and Language to Prepare All Teachers to Teach ELL: iTeachELLs

Mari Koerner

US Dept. of Education


Oct. 1, 2014

Sept. 30, 2019

iTeachAZ Community Embeddedness

Mari Koerner

W.K. Kellogg Foundation


Jan. 1, 2015

May 31, 2018

AZCCRS Strengthening Instructional Leadership in Mathematics, Part II

Mari Koerner

Arizona Board of Regents

$322, 897

Sept. 1, 2016

Aug. 31, 2017

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