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Skyline of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at night

Transforming education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In July 2019, for the second consecutive year, educators from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came to ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College for English classes and professional development before starting the spring 2020 semester immersed in public schools in metropolitan Phoenix. Their visit was made... Read more

Female teacher with students

The Education Commission and MLFTC host a session on learning teams with global focus

Education systems in many countries struggle to provide enough teachers in the right places to meet growing demand and serve all learners. Often, the poorest, most disadvantaged areas have the least qualified, least supported teachers and larger class sizes. Emerging evidence suggests that... Read more

Group of female students in Malawi

Success stories from MLFTC’s collaboration in Malawi

Parents, teachers and school administrators across the U.S. are struggling to adapt to keep students engaged and on track, despite the COVID-19 pandemic — challenges that are even more daunting in developing nations. In the southeast African nation of Malawi, a program implemented by Mary Lou... Read more

Learning Futures

Sci-fi stories to deepen the conversation

“We live in uncertain times,” says Punya Mishra, associate dean of Scholarship and Innovation and professor at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. He is not, necessarily, referring to the last tumultuous year of 2020, but instead references how emerging technologies, globalization and climate change... Read more

Moroccan skyline

Morocco redesigns teacher preparation with help from MLFTC

Over the next five years, Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College will work with Morocco’s Ministry of Education, universities within the kingdom and teacher training institutions, with the aid of experienced technical assistance and private sector agencies, to form the Higher... Read more

PhD student and Fulbright-Hays fellow Atota Halkiyo

PhD candidate wins prestigious Fulbright-Hays Fellowship

Atota Halkiyo (PhD Education Policy and Evaluation, ’22) has been awarded the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship Program. The fellowship is designed to enhance foreign language and area studies for future educators in the U.S. by supporting their dissertation research... Read more

Martin Carnoy and attendees of the CASGE Distinguished Lecture

CASGE lecture: How is a system for improving global education doing harm?

Martin Carnoy (back row, center left) and attendees of the February CASGE Distinguished Lecture Fifty years ago, international testing was launched as a way to collect more data for developing an understanding of educational systems in a comparative perspective. Today, international testing has... Read more

DNUE partnerhsip

South Korean partnership aims to prepare teachers for global competence

Daegu National University of Education, located in Daegu Metropolitan City — South Korea’s third-largest — is one of that nation’s leading institutions focused exclusively on educating elementary school teachers, and also one of the most recent universities with whom Arizona State University’s Mary... Read more

Saudi scholar

Education that knows no boundaries

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ambitions of restructuring the country’s educational landscape and has sought educational reform ideas from foreign countries. Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion — a professional development and leadership project —... Read more

Group of Fulbright DAI scholars at ASU

International Fulbright fellows reflect on what they learned, what they’ll miss

In January, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College welcomed 18 visiting educators from around the globe. These guests from eight nations arrived as fellows of the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers. Fulbright DAI brings international primary and secondary school... Read more

2019 Fulbright DAI fellows group photo

18 educators arrive for global professional exchange at ASU

On Sunday, Jan. 6, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College welcomed to the ASU campus 18 fellows of the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers. Fulbright DAI brings international primary and secondary school teachers to the U.S. to observe, pursue individual and... Read more

Group of educators from Saudi Arabia on ASU campus

Saying توديع to visiting Saudi teachers

This month, 46 visiting scholars from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia returned home after a year of professional development in Phoenix, Arizona. Building Leadership for Change through School Immersion was a program created through a partnership between the KSA Ministry of Education and the Saudi... Read more

Classroom in Nigeria

Are global learning metrics the answer?

ASU’s Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education, a part of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, organized and hosted a symposium aimed at answering the many questions surrounding global learning metrics as a central component of the post-2015 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The... Read more

World on hands

The global phenomenon of education

Many people view education as fundamentally a local phenomenon, especially in the United States. Iveta Silova, professor and director of ASU’s Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education, part of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, says that view needs to be broadened. We need to be much more... Read more

Black woman surrounded by sparkles

Where are all of the black women in STEM?

The absence of black women in STEM is not unique to South Africa. The U.S. and U.K. face the same challenge but, Yeukai Angela Mlambo, postdoctoral scholar at the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College says, “In South Africa it’s particularly curious... Read more

Learning Communities

2017 internal grants recipients and learning communities announced

This year, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College leadership made two research funding streams available through a competitive internal grants program. The first provides grants to faculty investigating interdisciplinary education topics. The second, new this year, supports learning communities on topics... Read more


Idiocy for all and the rise of international large scale educational assessments

By: Gustavo E. Fischman, Amy Topper and Iveta Silova, Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education  Almost any education-related topic seems to turn into an overheated debate, provoking very strong gut reactions and diminishing any hope for productive discussions that engage in careful analysis... Read more

Pasi Sahlberg, J. Douglas Willms guest lecture videos available online

  On Feb. 24, J. Douglas Willms, president of the International Academy of Education, presented “Equality, Equity and Educational Prosperity,” outlining a framework for assessing the capacity of a school district, state or country to develop children’s literacy skills. Register for our... Read more

The ASU MasterCard Foundation narrows the education gap

Tackling the global education gap

Strengthening Institutional Linkages, an initiative of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program created at ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, is narrowing the global higher education gap through international university partnerships. The six-year program provides support for 150 students... Read more

Image of the Earth from space

Global perspectives on education

Last November, the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education, a research center in ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, partnered with edXchange to host the inaugural symposium of the Comparative and International Education Society. Video and audio highlights are now available to the... Read more

How do we measure educational quality globally?

ASU’s Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education helped organize a conference aimed at finding new metrics to address a UN goal of improving education worldwide. “Globally, we made an agreement that we should measure not only access but also the quality of education we provide,” said Iveta... Read more

Mastercard Foundation scholars

Building leadership and educational capacity in Africa

Madit Yel, who is from Wunrok, South Sudan, plans to use his business degree and leadership skills to set up a reliable college preparatory program in Africa to connect promising students to education opportunities within and beyond their home countries. Yel is a 24-year-old business major studying... Read more