• International Leaders in Education Program: Mobilizing Global Teacher Networks

    International Leaders in Education Program: Mobilizing Global Teacher Networks

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    MasterCard: global citizens for global challenges

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    Palestine: next-generation leaders

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    India: engaging teacher educators


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Our mission

The Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education engages with people, institutions and ideas globally to address issues of educational quality and equity. We strive to develop and sustain collaborative networks across geographic, cultural and disciplinary boundaries in order to facilitate innovations that improve education.

Our activities

In pursuit of its mission, CASGE:

  • Advances research and mobilizes knowledge to address education equity and global sustainability challenges.
  • Internationalizes curriculum to promote global and intercultural learning on campus and in our local community.
  • Develops and implements international initiatives, through responsible partnerships, to pursue context- and culture-specific education innovations.
  • Convenes public forums for critical inquiry and debate concerning the pedagogies and principles of global engagement, access, and equity in education.

Our values

  • Collaborative
    CASGE designs and implements research projects in a collaborative manner.
  • Innovative and sustainable
    CASGE develops innovative and sustainable education solutions.
  • Interdisciplinary
    CASGE conducts rigorous interdisciplinary research that draws on diverse expertise and a range of research methods.
  • Comparative
    CASGE expands comparative perspectives and awareness of global education issues among ASU faculty, staff and students.
  • Mutually transformative
    CASGE engages in mutually transformative partnerships and reciprocal relationships.