Educational Policy & Evaluation - Faculty

Teachers College Professors

Interdisciplinary Professors

Alfredo Artiles
Disability & culture; educational equity; professional learning

David Berliner
Policy; research on teaching and teacher education

Sherman Dorn
Policy history; U.S. history of education & childhood

Gustavo Fischman
Comparative education; higher education; critical pedagogy

Gene Glass
Education policy; research methods

Mirko Koro-Lyungberg
Qualitative research methodology, inquiry, participant-driven research approaches

Wilhelmina Savenye
Learning technologies; online learning; instructional design

College of Liberal Arts and Science

Daniel Schugurensky
Citizen engagement; participatory democracy; civic education; community development; social economy



Teachers College Associate Professors

Interdisciplinary Associate Professors

Leanna Archambault
K-12 online; technology, teacher and sustainability education

Audrey Beardsley
Value-added models; high-stakes testing

David Carlson
English education, critical social theory, genealogy

David Garcia
School choice; accountability; education policy

Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos
Policy analysis and research; education finance; Latino education policy

Margarita Jimenez-Silva
English learning; multicultural education; culturally relevant pedagogy

Eugene Judson
STEM education; educational policy; science education

Jeanne Powers
Law and education policy, educational equity, school choice, school segregation

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kimberly Scott
Motivation; time perspective; engineering education



Teachers College Assistant Professors


Kate Anderson
Sociolinguistics, qualitative methods, discourse analysis, multimodality

Jory Brass
Curriculum theory, English education, literacy, teacher education - policy studies

Michelle Jordan
Peer interaction, classroom discourse, collaborative learning, complex systems

Edward Lyon
Classroom assessment, English learner, science education, teacher education-pre-service

Lindsey Moses
Early childhood and elementary literacy; inquiry-based pedagogy; culturally and linguistically diverse education

Molly Ott
Higher education; organizational theory; college effects