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Our mission

edXchange is a knowledge mobilization initiative that strives to make educational research more accessible and usable by fostering exchanges among diverse groups inside and outside the academy to develop solutions that answer today's most pressing educational challenges. We engage in interdisciplinary research-based collaborations to provide comprehensive and sustainable education solutions for the common good.

Our values

  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary

    edXchange connects with people and organizations at local, national and international levels to address education issues.
  • Accessible
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    edXchange supports open access, online scholarly initiatives and policies

  • Innovative and sustainable

    edXchange designs innovative and sustainable education solutions, including knowledge mobilization activities for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College staff, faculty and students
  • Usable

    edXchange promotes better understanding of and engagement with educational research inside and outside the academy. 

Our activities

In pursuit of this mission, edXchange:

  • Publishes and supports open-access scholarly journals of education
  • Organizes events that bring together students, teachers, parents, researchers, policymakers and citizens to share and dialogue about education issues in the U.S
  • Fosters collaborations locally, nationally and internationally to advance innovative and effective knowledge mobilization initiatives
  • Prepares faculty and students to make their research and knowledge more accessible, understandable and relevant to varied audiences