Undergraduate minors and certificates

Early Childhood Education (Minor)

Campus: Tempe

A minor in early childhood education will allow students to combine their knowledge of their major discipline with an understanding of educational practices and issues. The ultimate goal of this minor is to produce graduates who are educated in their major field of study and who understand and appreciate education that positively impacts the community. The service learning experience embedded in this minor will enable students to apply their knowledge and skills to meaningful service experiences in the community.

Educational Studies (Minor)

Campus: Tempe, Polytechnic, West

The minor in educational studies is designed for students who want to work with children, youth or adults in educational settings that do not require traditional teacher certification. It provides foundational course work in the field of education that can be applied in a wide variety of learning environments (i.e., community settings, nonprofit, business and industry).

Students interested in career and technical education certificates can use the educational studies minor to meet course work requirements for the CTE certificate. Additional requirements for the CTE certificate, including work experience, are not included in the minor. Students interested in obtaining the CTE certificate should refer to the Arizona Department of Education website for further information.

Environmental Education (Certificate)

Campus: Polytechnic, West, Tempe

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College certificate in environmental education is for traditional and nontraditional educators and is designed to establish standards for professional excellence in environmental education. Environmental education is taught in traditional classrooms and as community programs such as those at nature centers, museums, parks and zoos. The course work required in the certificate increases the environmental literacy of future educators, fosters community leadership strategies, and provides practice in environmental education teaching methods. Students who complete the certificate are eligible to apply for the environmental education certificate recognized by the North American Association for Environmental Education.

Secondary Education (Certificate)

Campus: Polytechnic, Tempe, West

The secondary education certificate program prepares students who wish to teach students enrolled in grades 6-12. While students develop a strong content background, the secondary education certification focuses on developing the requisite teaching knowledge and abilities to successfully teach middle or high school students. In order to integrate teacher preparation with the academic specialization, Teachers College collaborates and communicates with academic departments throughout the university. Clinical experience and student teaching are required components of this certificate. Students who complete this certificate program will be issued an institutional recommendation for certification in Arizona. Students desiring to teach in a public school must also pass the appropriate Arizona educator exams (either the National Evaluation Series or the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments) in both content area and professional knowledge to be certified to teach in the state of Arizona.

The secondary education undergraduate certificate is also available for students who have earned a bachelor's degree, this will be considered a nondegree graduate pathway.