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The Bachelor of Arts in Education in Special Education and Elementary Education prepares you to work with children and youths in both special education and general education settings. You'll receive a foundation of evidence-based practices for children with special learning needs and general education subjects, including literacy, math, sciences, health and social studies. You'll receive extra training in communication and problem-solving, two skills essential for special education teachers working to provide inclusive education for children with mild to moderate disabilities. You'll learn adaptive techniques and assistive technology to help students with diverse learning needs successfully integrate into general education classrooms. This program provides professional experience in both general education and special education classrooms before you graduate.


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Program locations

  • Polytechnic
  • Tempe
  • West
  • ASU@The Gila Valley
  • ASU@Yuma


This degree qualifies you for Arizona educator certification in:

  • Special Education, K–12 students with mild to moderate disabilities
  • Elementary Education, K–8

You may be required to pass exams required by the state. Learn more from the Arizona Department of Education.

An Arizona certificate may qualify you as an educator in other states. Visit a state’s department of education homepage and search “reciprocity.”


Qualified educators are in high demand. Your future careers could include:

  • K–12 special education teacher
  • K–8 general education teacher
  • Educator in nonschool settings, like nonprofits or youth development organizations

Professional experiences

MLFTC Professional Pathways provides internships and residencies that expose you to more ways of teaching and learning.

Junior year
You’ll intern part-time in a K–12 classroom serving students with special needs.

Senior year
You’ll complete a full-time, year-long residency in a general education and special education classroom, working as part of a team in a partner school.

Every team works with the support of a certified lead teacher and an ASU faculty member called a site lead, introducing you to more modes of professional collaboration and problem-solving while offering you as much support as possible. The result? School hiring managers tell us MLFTC graduates enter the education workforce with the poise and skills of second-year teachers.

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"The impact I would like to have had is to have students say they want to be teachers today, because they have seen a teacher that cared. They've seen a teacher that inspired them to do something more and they've seen the beauty in the world of education." — Moesha Crawford (BAE '18)

Paying for college

The cost of attendance varies widely. To get an idea of what you can expect to pay, view ASU’s standard cost of attendance.

There are many ways to reduce your costs, including scholarships and grants just for education students.  Explore your options

Admission requirements

Students are required to meet all applicable ASU admission requirements for first-year students, transfer students or international students.

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