MLFTC Professional Licensure

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College has conducted research on all programs that lead to licensure or certification, or those that a student could reasonably believe lead to such licensure or certification. The Professional Licensure by State table indicates program curriculum either meets, does not meet or has not been determined for licensure or certification requirements for the current academic year.

This information does not provide any guarantee that any particular state licensure or certification entity will approve or deny a candidate’s application. Furthermore, this disclosure does not account for changes in state law or regulation that may affect a candidate’s application for licensure that occur after this disclosure has been made. In addition to the information provided here, students are strongly encouraged to contact their State’s licensure entity to review all licensure and certification requirements imposed by their state(s) of choice.

The Arizona Department of Education approves and recognizes teacher and administrator preparation programs offered by Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College as providing the academic and experiential knowledge required to apply for certification in Arizona. Graduates of both teacher and administrator programs also qualify to apply for certification or licensure in many, but not all, other states and territories. Note, states often have additional testing, background checks, or professional experience requirements to meet in order to qualify for teacher or administrator certification or licensure.

Please contact to learn more about professional licensure.

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