ASU and Teach For America Alumni Education Leadership Fellowship

General Fellowship Information

The ASU and Teach For America Alumni in Education Leadership Fellowship was created to prepare future school leaders and retain exceptional educators here in Arizona. Each year, the fellowship provides financial support to five Teach For America alumni who wish to pursue a graduate degree in education leadership at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Application Process for Fellowship Candidates

  1. By October 16, 2017- Candidates submit application materials to Carminia Munoz. View guidelines on the application process.
  2. Late October- Selection committee reviews applications and selects ten finalists to interview. 
  3. Early November- 20 minute in-person interviews occur on a single day.
  4. Late November- From the ten finalists, five candidates are selected to receive the award.

Fellowship Details

Fellowship recipients must be Teach For America alumni. To be eligible for funding, candidates must be admitted to the Master of Education in Educational Leadership program at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Candidates may apply to the program at any time in the application process. Candidates must be employed in a P-12 school setting during the academic year when they complete the fellowship. The fellowship will cover 36 credit hours or three calendar years, whichever is completed first. Other university fees (library charges, courses for other degree programs, etc.) are not covered by the fellowship award. Any fellowship recipient who does not successfully complete the program within three calendar years from the date of enrollment is responsible for repayment of the fellowship.  

Contact Information

Heather Fauland
Graduate Programs Academic Associate, Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Carminia Munoz
Director, Alumni Network
Teach for America, Phoenix
602-304-0211 ext 47157