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While an ATA member

Enrolled academy students will be expected to:

  • Complete a FAFSA for each year enrolled in the Academy as a student

  • Maintain continuous enrollment as a full-time student in an initial teacher certification program

  • Maintain no less than a 3.0 semester grade point average

  • Attend the ATA Program Academy orientation each semester

Upon graduation

Each student graduating from the Arizona Teachers Academy at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College will be expected to teach in an Arizona public school for a length of time equal to the number of years the student received the ATA award. For example, if you receive an ATA award each year over a two-year period, you must then teach a total of two consecutive school years at an Arizona public school.

Graduates need to begin their first school year of eligible full-time teaching service within six (6) months from the date they become eligible to receive a teaching certificate.

ATA students and graduates who do not meet these requirements will be required to reimburse Arizona State University for the total amount of ATA award received. Requirements are outlined in the ATA Award agreement.