Arizona Teachers Academy

If you are interested in the Arizona Teachers Academy, please contact us for more information.

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Scholarship acceptance process

If you are eligible for an Arizona Teachers Academy tuition scholarship and slots are still available, you will see an award offer on your My ASU.

Note: The scholarship may appear as more than one award in your account, under names such as “Arizona Teachers Academy” or “ASU AZ Teachers Academy Commitment.” If you see multiple awards will need to accept them all in order to receive funding.

Next steps to receive funding:

  • Accept or decline your Arizona Teachers Academy award(s) on the Finances tab of My ASU.

  • If you accept, please review and sign the scholarship agreement. It will appear on your checklist in My ASU after you accept the award(s).

  • Complete any remaining priority tasks showing on your My ASU page.

Understanding your award

  • Watch a short ATA information session video with ATA at ASU Program Manager Cindy Ballentyne.

  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll find details on the expectations of scholarship recipients after graduation, along with answers to other questions concerning your commitment.

Questions? Contact us about your scholarship acceptance at or 480-965-5555.