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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Arizona Teachers Academy at ASU?

A: It is a scholarship that covers tuition and fees for students who complete a teacher certification program and commit to teaching in an Arizona school after graduation.

Q: What are the financial benefits of the scholarship?

A: The scholarship covers tuition and mandatory fees after a student has accepted all other non-loan aid such as institutional scholarships, federal Pell grants and private scholarships.

Q: How many students will be awarded the scholarship?

A: ASU is awarding up to 1,000 undergraduates and 72 graduate students in academic year 2019-20.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: You must be an Arizona resident as determined by Arizona State University for tuition purposes; an admitted undergraduate, graduate or post-baccalaureate student at ASU; and have submitted and, if necessary, completed any outstanding items to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Eligible students include:

  • Newly enrolled transfer students who have junior standing or higher and are enrolled in an ASU bachelor’s degree program that leads to an initial teacher certification
  • Continuing ASU students who have junior standing or higher and are enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program that leads to an initial teacher certification
  • ASU undergraduate students majoring in a college other than Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College who enroll in any one of MLFTC’s teacher certification pathways, including concurrent degrees and non-degree certificate programs
  • Continuing ASU undergraduate students currently enrolled in a non-degree secondary education certificate program at ASU
  • Newly enrolled students admitted to a master’s degree program that leads to initial teacher certification (including InMAC) 
  • Continuing ASU students currently enrolled in a master’s degree program that leads to initial teacher certification (including InMAC)

Q: I think I’m eligible but haven’t been offered a scholarship. What do I need to do?

A: If you meet the eligibility requirements noted above but have not seen an award posted on your My ASU page, then please contact us at

Q: What’s required of scholarship recipients?

A: Scholarship recipients must meet expectations outlined in their scholarship agreement while enrolled and after graduation.

While enrolled

  • Complete a FAFSA for each year enrolled at ASU. Students selected for FAFSA verification must complete verification and any priority tasks in MyASU to receive their scholarships.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment as a student in an initial teacher certification program
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress, including but not limited to, a grade point average of no less than 2.5 each semester for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students. 

Upon graduation

  • Each student who graduates from ASU having received an ATA scholarship will be expected to teach in an Arizona public school for a length of time equal to the number of years the student received the ATA scholarship. For example, if you receive an ATA scholarship each year over a two-year period, you must then teach a total of two consecutive school years at an Arizona public school. Partial year awards will be converted into a 1 year teaching obligation. If you receive the award for 1 semester, the teaching obligation is 1 year.
  • Graduates need to begin their first school year of eligible full-time teaching service within twelve (12) months from the date they become eligible to receive a teaching certificate.
  • If a student does not meet these requirements, the tuition scholarship will convert to a loan, and the student will be required to repay the total amount of the tuition scholarship. Full requirements and conditions are explained in the Arizona Teachers Academy tuition scholarship agreement.

Q: Will the paid teaming model of MLFTC Professional Pathways or InMAC graduate program fulfill my teaching requirement?

A: No. You must obtain a teaching position in an Arizona public school after graduation and teach for a length of time equal to the scholarship received.

Q: Will I be required to provide proof of my employment at an Arizona Public School?

A:  Yes, you will need to submit employment verification documentation along with the Request for Employment Verification form on a semi-annual basis. Form to be provided at a later date.

Q: Why am I required to provide a copy of my W-2 to verify employment?

A: It serves as an independent verification document in conjunction with a copy of your signed contract. The W-2 information is matched with your contract information.

Q: What happens if I leave the teaching profession before completing my obligation?

A: Your scholarship will convert to a loan and you must reimburse ASU for the amount you received.

Q: What if I need to withdraw for medical reasons?

A: You will need to contact our Student Support Coordinator Hannah Lee at and the Business Office at

Q: How do I request a deferment?

A: Please email to request an ATA Deferment Request form.