Partnerships & Projects

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College - 100Kin10 Partnership

100Kin10 is a network of more than 150 multi-sector organizations, including Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, that is committed to recruiting 100,000 new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers by 2021. To achieve this, 100Kin10 and its partners are building a movement to recruit, train, hire and support teachers of STEM subjects.

In collaboration with creative agency Cultivated Wit and dozens of partner organizations, 100Kin10 introduced a coordinated, co-funded campaign for this movement. The “Blow Minds, Teach STEM” campaign launched on Sept. 16, 2014, and is designed to inspire undergraduates and recent graduates with strong STEM skills to become teachers. For campaign updates and to get involved, visit the campaign website or its Facebook and Twitter pages. Updates are also available via the Teachers College social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, results of this partnership have included multiple collaboration grants to support exploration of the iTeachAZ teacher preparation model, and statewide STEM strategy and planning.

AZ Teaching Fellows

ASU - Teach For America Partnership

Teach For America is a national corps of outstanding recent college graduates as well as professionals from all majors who commit to teach in high need urban and rural public schools for two years. In late 2006, ASU President Michael Crow and Teach For America - Phoenix came together to create a partnership that includes: Teach For America recruitment, corps member support and development, alumni leadership and the Phoenix Institute. Through the generous support of philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, this strong foundation also led to the creation of the Sanford Inspire Program, which integrated the best practices of colleges of education and Teach For America to attract, prepare and retain future education leaders. 

ASU’s Teach For America partnership received the ASU President’s Medal for Social Embeddedness in 2008. Coordination of the partnership is headquartered in the Teachers College. Visit the ASU Teach For America website for additional information.

University Service-Learning

University Service-Learning (USL) is committed to creating a culture of civic engagement, generating positive social change and building a bridge between ASU and the community.

USL programs increase opportunities to address unmet community needs by:

  • Offering collegiate courses that link curriculum with community service
  • Serving as a resource for community agencies, faculty, K-12 teachers and families
  • Partnering community agencies and schools with ASU students and staff

Students enrolled in USL courses link an in-depth study of civic engagement and community issues to community service and their major. Students from any discipline may enroll in USL courses. In each USL course, students earn three credits and satisfy general studies cultural and literacy requirements. There are more than 150 community agencies, schools, nonprofits and other service organizations to choose from to complete the required community service. 

America Reads

The ASU America Reads Program partners with local schools and community centers to offer tutoring, mentoring and academic skill building services to children living in low income areas or attending Title 1 schools. Children are matched with an ASU student as their tutor or mentor. ASU students eligible for Federal Work Study funds may apply for a paid America Reads tutor/mentor position or students enrolled in a University Service-Learning (USL) class may select America Reads as their community service placement.

  • Tutoring Program: ASU students provide one-on-one tutoring for kindergarten through eighth grade students. Tutors are responsible for assisting children with homework and reading skills as well as facilitating interactive educational activities that correspond to the Common Core Standards in reading, writing and math.
  • Mentoring Program: ASU students are assigned as mentors to sixth through eighth grade students living in low income areas and attending Title 1 Schools. ASU mentors work with students one-on-one and in larger peer groups focusing on life skills such as time management, positive decision making, self-esteem, body image and job skills. Homework and other academic skills are also addressed as necessary.