Phone a Professor — master's programs conference calls

  • Participate in our new Phone a Professor conference calls where you'll connect with — and get to know — our esteemed faculty members even before you start class. This is your opportunity to hear directly from the faculty who lead our master's programs and to ask them your compelling questions.

    Featured programs and professors for February:

    • Educational Leadership, featuring Carl Hermanns: “The research is clear that transformative leadership makes the difference. For so many children in our schools, there is an opportunity gap, there is an expectation gap. But we have an opportunity right now to work on that — to provide our aspiring school leaders with the knowledge and skills to transform their schools in ways that support all kids in being successful.”

    • Elementary Education, featuring Casey Swingle: "Today's educator needs to be adaptive to an ever-changing environment to meet the needs of an increasingly complex clientele. My instruction prepares teachers for this challenge and supports them in individualized ways to ensure success and continued commitment to the best career in the world."

    • Learning Sciences, featuring: Bryan Henderson: Co-founder and research director of the Braincandy nonprofit, “Talking is thinking. We learn with deeper understanding when we have multiple opportunities to articulate our thinking, and these articulation cycles are more frequent when talking with others. My classrooms incorporate modern technological strategies to promote peer-to-peer discourse as we explore learning theories emphasizing the notion that learning is very much a social endeavor.”

    • Secondary Education, featuring Jennifer Clausen: "As teachers, we are in the business of helping people. This requires a practical and hands-on approach. Our students feel prepared and ready to teach because we are able to give them this experience. This, coupled with courses taught by pedagogical experts, makes for a graduate program that is second-to-none in teacher preparation."
    • Special Education, featuring Amy Papacek: “The success of students is critically impacted by the lens in which their teachers approach curriculum and classroom activities. Providing future teachers with the views of families will begin to make systematic changes to inclusive education.”  

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    Phone a Professor events will be held monthly through June 2018. View all dates here. If you cannot participate on the scheduled dates, please contact us at or 602-543-6358 to find a time that works for you.

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