The Next Educator Workforce: Asking the right questions

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Pamela Strowman
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  • The Next Educator Workforce: Asking the right questions

    May 20–21, 2019 | Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe, AZ

    Conference price $350. 

    Join education leaders, practitioners, researchers and policy experts for discussions and working sessions aimed at designing The Next Education Workforce.

    Why convene around the idea of the Next Education Workforce?

    • Fewer people are entering the profession.
    • More educators are leaving the profession early.
    • Educators need more of the sustaining rewards of adult collaboration and efficacy.

    Most importantly, none of this is working well enough for learners and communities.

    Palliative measures won’t do.

    The challenge is neither temporary nor cyclical.

    It’s structural.

    If we’re not getting the workforce we want, we need to redesign education jobs, rethink who performs them and change how we prepare people for them. We need systems-level change.

    Our challenge: Build broad-based, multilateral partnerships that include colleges of education, schools, districts, and communities committed to designing and fielding new workforce models that make education work better for both educators and learners.