Equality, Equity and Educational Prosperity

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  • Please join us for a talk by J. Douglas Willms, president of the International Academy of Education, followed by Q&A.

    Educational Prosperity is a framework that can assess the capacity of a school district, state or country to develop children’s literacy skills and well-being; set goals for increasing their capacity; and monitor progress toward those goals.

    About the speaker

    A professor at the University of New Brunswick and president of the International Academy of Education, J. Douglas Willms leads a research team that is working with leaders in 32 of Canada’s First Nations schools in the design and implementation of Confident Learners, a whole-school and whole-community literacy program based on the science of literacy and instructional practice. He has published more than 200 research articles and monographs on youth literacy, children’s health, school accountability and the assessment of national reforms.


    This event is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education and edXchange.


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