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For information about grants managed through School Partnership Grant Programs, contact

Michael Hegarty
Director of Communications
Phone: 602-496-2126



Through the power of partnership and the investment of federally funded grants, Teachers College is developing more rigorous curricula with intensive field experience for teacher candidates, and providing continuing education and training to educators for leadership excellence, thereby increasing student achievement to create more effective schools. School Partnership Grant Programs work alongside educational institutions and school districts throughout the state through the following grants:


$33.8 million through Teacher Quality Program (TQP)

Project to enhance the curriculum and education of teacher candidates while providing assessment, educational resources, and opportunities for in-service teachers to increase student effectiveness.

Arizona Ready-for-Rigor Project

$43.8 million through Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)

Project to develop, implement and assess a performance-based incentive pay system in historically struggling Arizona schools to increase student achievement, retain highly effective educators, and foster exemplary school culture.


Project enabling rural school districts in American Indian communities to add additional support services, helping local residents earn bachelor’s degrees and teacher certifications.


Arizona Special Initiative to Recruit and Retain Educators (ASPIRE) is a grant-funded program through the US Department of Education to recruit and retain mid-career professionals and recent college graduates as special education teachers. The project is offered as an academic track of the Special Education MEd program.


The Excellence and Collaboration in Educational Leadership (EXCEL) Academy prepares educational leaders to apply evidence-based knowledge and research-based instructional strategies that positively impact student achievement and school improvement.