The College Research and Evaluation Services Team (CREST) is the evaluation and data services unit within the Office of Partnership Grants of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. CREST’s mission is to partner with local schools and school districts, community colleges, other units within Arizona State University, and community-based organizations to conduct use-inspired educational research and evaluation. CREST also provides technical assistance, consultation, and data management/analysis support to educators, school district leaders, and the Arizona Department of Education. CREST aims to actively engage educators and community members in the research and evaluation process from start to finish, working together to identify challenges, frame evaluation questions, implement investigations, interpret results, and disseminate findings.


  • Program evaluations

    • External program evaluators
    • Internal program evaluation assistance
    • Assistance with data-informed practices
  • Data systems (organization, data cleaning, longitudinal tracking, etc.)
  • Small- and large-scale assessment systems
  • Value-added and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) systems
  • Assistance with meeting policy mandates (e.g., NCLB)
  • Instrument development
  • Measurement
  • Educational initiatives and trends
  • Educational policy information
  • Professional development

Services will be provided by Arizona-based, highly trained and experienced specialists in the above areas. Those affiliated will include faculty and graduate students from ASU’s Teachers College.

Services will be provided to districts, schools, administrators, teachers, and staff via face-to-face or live, interactive video or desktop conferencing. Fee-for-services will be set in collaboration with partnering districts, schools, administrators, teachers, and staff. Costs will be negotiated at a break-even rate; therefore, costs will be substantially below those for independent consultants.

For more information, please visit CREST on the Office of Partnership Grants site.

Wendy Barnard
College Research and Evaluation Services Team