Center for Games and Impact

game center logo The Center for Games & Impact at Arizona State University is part of Teachers College and advancing a number of initiatives geared toward impacting teachers. The Center was launched in 2012 by ASU Professors James Gee (Chief Games Scholar) and Sasha Barab (Executive Director) in partnership with E-Line Founders Alan Gershenfeld (Founding Industry Fellow and Innovation Director) and Michael Angst (Founding Industry Fellow). Along with a network of aligned partner organizations and industry fellows, the Center will develop exemplar impact projects through an innovation lab, host workshops, provide resources and share best practices, methodologies and case studies that can benefit the whole sector. Visit the center website for complete information.


Infant Child Research Program

children The mission of the Infant Child Research Programs is to promote the integration of science into early childhood practices. The Infant Child Research Programs strive to strengthen the relationship between children, their families and their communities through cutting edge research, discovery, dissemination and the training of interdisciplinary personnel. Visit the program website for more information.



Equity Alliance

logo The Equity Alliance at ASU, directed by Alfredo Artiles and Elizabeth Kozleski (University of Kansas), is devoted to research and school reform efforts that promote equity, access, participation and outcomes for all students. We take pride in supporting state and local school systems and educational professionals in and across the United States with research based assistance to:

  • Eliminate achievement disparities,
  • Develop inclusive learning environments,
  • Uphold the civil rights of students, and
  • Harness the power of family and community involvement in schools.

Given that well-educated and supported educators are at the heart of educational equity, the Equity Alliance at ASU works to build capacity at all levels of the educational system to bring about systemic and sustainable change that delivers positive outcomes for all students.

The Equity Alliance at ASU also houses a variety of research based equity related initiatives:

  • International Comparative Research on Educational Equity
  • The Teachers College Press book series entitled Disability, Culture, and Equity (co-edited by Drs. Artiles and Kozleski)
  • Special education leadership grant for school-wide equity and access
  • International Multilingual Research Journal (published by Taylor & Francis and co-edited by Drs. Artiles and MacSwan)

For more information please visit our website at: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.