The mission of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is to set a new standard for teaching, discovery and innovation.

Vision: The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College will be a constructive force in education.


  1. We are committed to excellence by encouraging individuals to take initiative, solve problems and demonstrate leadership.
  2. We support and challenge students to reflect on, realize and achieve their full potential in order to be effective as educators.
  3. We conduct, support and disseminate research that impacts educational thought and action.
  4. We build mutually beneficial partnerships that advance our mission, goals and values.
  5. We respect the expertise and knowledge of all individuals with whom we work and value the diversity that makes us stronger.
  6. We take responsibility for bringing out the best in ourselves and others by seeking resources and knowledge to continuously learn and improve our performance.
  7. We promote civic engagement among our students, staff and faculty that improves the communities we serve.
  8. We create and sustain a culture that encourages teamwork, professional growth and a healthy and productive work environment.
  9. We are committed to sustainability both for the enduring legacy of our college and the well-being of the planet.